Dedicated to my son Kenny, who had a passionate love of this island

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Island Map
Almost a rainbow
Next door flower bush We don't know its' name.
Coastline six blocks from home 1
Coastline six blocks from home 2
Coastline six blocks from home 3
Coastline six blocks from home 4
Coastline six blocks from home 5
Lava Tree Park contains many fantastically shaped tree molds left standing after pahoehoe lava engulfed a forest and immediately drained away centuries ago.
Tree mold 1
Tree mold 2
Tree mold 3
Peering inside a tree mold Trunk of tree burned or rotted away over the centuries
Crack in earth at Lava Tree Park
Same crack Farther down covered in foliage.
Tree engulphed in Vines at Lava Tree Park.
On a late afternoon, on my way to view the stars, at the visitor center of Maunakea, the sun was setting. Luckily I had my camera. I took the following 10 pictures. Starting north, I slowly turned counterclockwise and captured these photos of beautiful colors in the sky.
Sunset 1 Started facing somewhat North. Maunakea in background.
Sunset 2 Facing NNW. Maunakea in background.
Sunset 3 Facing WNW.
Sunset 4 Facing West. WOW!!!
Sunset 5 Facing WSW. WOW!!!again.
Sunset 6 Facing SSW.
Sunset 7 Facing South. Maunaloa in background.
Sunset 8 Facing SSE. Maunaloa, Purple Mountain Majesty!
Sunset 9 Facing East.
Sunset 10 Facing NE. I hope you liked this series as much as I do.
The next series of photos start with a picture of Kaimu Beach. A lovely little black sand beach, photographed before 1993. However, a lava flow destroyed it. Everyone who ever knew this beach will forever mourn its passing. The next 5 photos show the awesome power of lava flows. Starting where the beach used to be, and moving left to right in a semi circle, show acres of lava where there used to be ocean.
Kaimu Beach Before lava flow. Photo: Carl Shaneff
Lava flow 1 About 7 feet thick.
Lava flow 2 Standing on top of flow facing the former Kaimu Beach.
Lava flow 3 Facing what used to be ocean.
Lava flow 4 Again facing seaward.
Lava covers road
The next 10 images feature serene Hilo Bay. Nos. 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 moving left to right for a somewhat panoramic view of far coastline
Hilo Bay 1 Maunaloa in the distance.
Hilo Bay 2 Between the mountains.
Hilo Bay 3 Maunakea in the distance.
Hilo Bay 4
Hilo Bay 5
Hilo Bay 6 The near coast.
Hilo Bay 7 A placid island in the bay.
Hilo Bay 8 Another near coast image.
Hilo Bay 9 A twisted tree on the bay.
Hilo Bay 10 Same kind of twisted tree. Note the big roots.
The next four images are of Liluokalani Park, named after Hawaii's last queen. It is an integral part of Hilo Bay.
Liliuokalani Park 1 These four photos pan left to right from one location in the park. The black substance on the ground is lava.
Liliuokalani Park 2
Liliuokalani Park 3
Liliuokalani Park 4
Rainbow Falls Another pretty site in Hilo Town.
The next six images are of a site named Boiling Pots. This is a fast moving stream that reminded someone of water boiling in pots on a stove and was so named. This site is also in Hilo Town.
Boiling Pots 1 Starting with a distant waterfall.
Boiling Pots 2 Moving downstream.
Boiling Pots 3
Boiling Pots 4
Hot steam rising from the bowels of the planet, the landscape like the surface of the moon, breathtaking huge craters, warm spots of air on a cool day, the smell of sulphur, thick rainforests, all contribute to the awe of VOLCANO.
Volcano via NASA Top: Maunaloa,-- South West: Kilauea caldera, with Halema'uma'u firepit,-- South East: Chain of craters ending in the presently active smoking volcano. "Pu'u'O'o", with steaming lava pouring into the sea.
Volcano 2Kilauea Caldera. (Will pan left to right)
Volcano 2aKiluea Caldera, with Halemaumau firepit in the distance.
Volcano 2bKiluea Caldera, with Maunaloa in the distance.
Volcano 3 Kilauea Iki-A crater near Kilauea Caldera.
Volcano 4 Kilauea Iki-Different view.
Volcano 5 Kilauea Iki again, from the opposite side of the crater.
Volcano 7 Halema'uma'u firepit within Kilauea Caldera. Will pan left to right.
Volcano 8 Panning left to right, Halema'uma'u firepit. Maunaloa in the distance.
Volcano 9 Final pan left to right, Halema'uma'u.
Volcano 11 Devastation of a thick Ohia forrest by volcanic forces in 1959. This is "Devastation Trail".
Volcano 13 New life on huge cinder cone at "Devastation Trail".
Volcano 14 Looking down on the rainforest at the entrance to Thurston Lava Tube.
Volcano 15 Entrance to Thurston Lava Tube.
Volcano 16 Walking through Thurston Lava Tube. A flash photo.
Spectacular eruption scenes
Maunaloa 1 Photo: J. D. Griggs. Night glow from Maunaloa.
Maunaloa 2 Photo: J. D. Griggs. You can be sure it's not me, down there.
Maunaloa 3 Photo: R. W. Decker. A beautiful lava flow. VERY SPECIAL.
Maunaloa 4 Photo: C. Neal. Slow moving A'a lava
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 1 Photo: J. D. Griggs. A lot of A'a Lava.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 2 Photo J. D. Griggs. Fountain
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 3 Photo: J. D. Griggs. A "big" fountain.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 4 Photo: C. Heliker. Fountain.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 5 Photo: J. D. Griggs. TROUBLE.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 6 Photo: J. D. Griggs. Exploding, steaming lava as it reaches the sea.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 7 Photo: L. Simmons. Hot beautiful pahoehoe lava flow.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 8 Photo: C. Heliker. An opening of a lava tube is called a "Skylight". Wonder where it's going?
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 9 Photo: C. Heliker. These men have hot feet.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 10 Photo: C. Heliker. A good view from the air.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 11 Photo: T. Mattox. Before Collapse.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 12 Photo: C. Heliker. During collapse.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 13Photo: C. Heliker. After collapse.
Pu'u'O'o Eruption 14 Photo: H. McGiffert. A good looking pahoehoe lava flow.
Scenic views from the South Point turnoff, heading North towards Volcano. This area is Ka'u.
Ka'u 1
Ka'u 2
Ka'u 3
Ka'u 5
Ka'u 9
Ka'u 10
Ka'u 11
Ka'u 12 A gorgeous little blacksand beach at Punaluu. Everyone should make a stop here.
Ka'u 13 The next 3 images - eerie clouds in the mountains.
Ka'u 14
Ka'u 15
This series features Onomea Bay, a very few miles north of Hilo on the scenic route. A place to linger and drink in the site. I consider this a major scenic location.
Onomea Bay 1
Onomea Bay 2
Onomea Bay 3
Onomea Bay 4
Leaving Onomea Bay and driving about five miles north up the Hamakua Coast. The next 12 images feature Akaka Falls Park. A wonderful place to visit and a must stop for tourists. I think Akaka Falls is about the prettiest place I have ever been.
Akaka Falls 1 The entrance: Peering down on a dense tangled rainforrest.
Akaka Falls 2 We come to the first of many picturesque streams racing through the jungle.
Akaka Falls 3 Same stream different view.
Akaka Falls 4 A very high growth of bamboo.
Akaka Falls 5 "Kahuna Falls" The first very high falls. It's like an introduction to Akaka Falls.
Akaka Falls 6 Pretty flower growing. It's name may be "Protea".
Akaka Falls 7 This is a view of part of a Banyan tree. As the tree grows, its branches produce hundreds of strings that seek the ground. When they find the ground they turn into roots, and eventually become trunks. I've heard that there is a very old Banyan tree in the orient that covers an acre of ground and the original core of the tree has long since died.
Akaka Falls 8 Finally the star of the park. "Akaka Falls".
Akaka Falls 9 Another small pretty water fall.
Akaka Falls 10 Stream running through a very dense jungle.
Akaka Falls 11 Last stream while leaving the park.
Akaka Falls 12 Leaving the park, I took this shot overlooking the town of Honomu to the horizon. Elevation almost 400 feet.
The next four images are of "Kolekole Beach Park", up the Hamakua Coast. It's a cute little area with a lot to offer.
Kolekole Beach 1
Kolekole Beach 2
Kolekole Beach 3
Kolekole Beach 4
The next five photos are taken from a high bridge crossing a pretty gulch up the Hamakua Coast.
Bridge 1
Bridge 2 Looking down on the top of tall trees
Bridge 3 Again, looking down. The rest of these images are views looking down by more than 45 degrees.
Bridge 4
Bridge 5
Moving a few miles farther north along the Hamakua coast, this is the first of three very large beautiful gulches. You drive about halfway down into the gulch where you cross a high bridge over a stream. These pictures start facing the sea, and pan clockwise in a complete circle.
Gulch 1
Gulch 2
Gulch 3
Gulch 4
Gulch 5
Gulch 6
Gulch 7
Gulch 8
Continuing up the Hamakua coast several miles. The next two pictures are of Waipio Valley.
Waipio Valley 1
Waipio Valley 2
Still farther north up the Hamakua Coast. The next three photos are of the typical rolling hills in and around Kamuela, sometimes reffered to as Waimea.
Waimea 1 Photos 1, 2, and 3 panning left to right
Waimea 2
Waimea 3
The next seven pictures were taken in the Kohala Mountain Range, northern most part of the island.
Kohala Mountains 1
Kohala Mountains 2
Kohala Mountains 3
Kohala Mountains 4
Kohala Mountains 5
Kohala Mountains 6 Kona Coast from 3000 feet
Cactus Tired of hills and meadows. How about acres of cactus in the Kohala Mountains.
The next tree pictures are images of South Point, southern most spot in the USA.
South Point 1 Cliffs at Southpoint
South Point 2 Cliffs at Southpoint
South Point 3 Fishermen must lower their boats from the high cliffs.